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Why Second Home Vacation Rentals?

Considering one of the “big name” large management companies or possibly renting your home yourself? Here are a few things that you may want to consider:

  • We have a local office that is staffed 7 days a week to handle any problems that might arise during a rental.
  • We do all of our own cleaning and have a scheduler and inspector on staff full time. Each house is inspected after it is cleaned. We have full time maids as employees that have been hand-picked.
  • We check the home before and after the rental and bring flowers, cookies, or gifts to leave for the renters.
  • We advertise on 15 different websites, distribute rack cards, and advertise on the local radio stations.
  • We do a weekly inspection of every home even when there are no rentals. We check for heating problems or water/pump problems.
  • We will meet contractors at the home and let them in to install TV, internet, fix appliances, etc.
  • We have a handyman on call to fix minor problems as well as a plumber, pump person, electrician and hot tub repair person that we use regularly.
  • With consistent staffing we know we can always get problems solved within a few minutes instead of having a company who isn’t local go a phone list hoping to find someone to help out.
  • Our company owns brand new very high-quality sheets that are white on white stripes. We use the 3-sheet system like the hotels. They are laundered here and shrink wrapped to stay nice and fresh until the maids pick them up.
  • Garbage is take care of by us. The maids pick it up and we have a dumpster at the office for renters so you don’t have to have a garbage service.
  • We provide homeowners with an end of the month report and pay all rentals at the end of the month.
  • We pay all of your state and county taxes each month.
  • We provide you with an end of the year report and 1099 for your federal taxes.

Most of the large “big name” large management companies are strictly online and do not have a local office. They have a list of different people they call each time hoping to find someone to help with a problem and then add a bunch of extra fees to your bill. By the time they get finished calling the people they need for a rental, you end up paying as much or more than if you had hired us to manage your rentals and your home. If considering to do your own rentals, we can save you a lot of the time, money, and headaches associated with advertising, collecting money, paying taxes, finding maids, and dealing with problems renters encounter. You will end of with great reviews and happy return renters if you decide to let us care for your home and your visitors.

Call us at 719-836-7039 and visit our website at www.SecondHomeSecondChance.com
You are welcome to stop by our office at 29 S. Main Street in Alma


Why Choose Us